A collection of British and European Sporting and Canine art.

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Works by Arthur Wardle, Edwin Douglas, E.S.England, Arthur Batt, George Rankin, G.S Wright

George Wright, John Trickett, Louis Wain, Langollis, J.S.Wells, John Edwards, J.C.Maggs, Mick Cawston

George & Edward Armfield, Colin Graeme Roe, F.T.Daws, Frank Paton, Fred Yates, Henry Crowther

Garry Shead, W.S.Coleman, John Emms, W.S.Cooper, Hienrick Sperling, Paul Jones, Norman Gaunt

Peter Munro, Prudence Turner, Isherwood, Harrington Bird, Otto Dix, John Brindle, H.G.Shaw, Roul Dufy.

Northern artists, Lawrence Isherwood, Patti Mayor, Bill Hobson, Chris Carlisle,Harry Rutherford, James Brindle.